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Are you longing to run on the beaches of Lake Michigan or have a playful downtown session in Detroit? Ready for a romantic picnic in a garden or a creative concept that you've been aching to do? Like the cute ones you saw all over Pinterest the other day? 

That's where I come in! I tend to the garden of your story and with a little Sol Luna Love, we create a timeless expression of your love story.

Tending to the Gardens of your Stories

Hello & Welcome

Storytelling breathes 




Into a photograph

I’m Lyndsey Michelle

I started my career as a photographer long before I actually became a photographer. I know that may sound silly but hear me out. I believe that all of our life experience informs this very moment. From the hardships to the blessings. Everything is connected. I explored so many different art forms including photography. It wasn't until I had an impactful and meaningful experience with a photograph that led me down the path of photography.

All of my years and experience in life, love and art led me to this career and I am so thankful that I get to photograph love stories and give couples a meaningful experience to cherish forever.

Outside of photographing, I spend most of my extra time studying foreign films, learning different perspectives and absorbing the world around me.


Let's Chat

- Leahamarie & Andrew

"What’s not to love about Sol Luna? As a person, Lyndsey is very easy to connect with. She makes it fun and laid back to have your photos taken even if you don’t feel like you’re the photogenic type. She goes above and beyond for her clients and is always going the extra mile."

Review & Testimonials

  1. I live a pretty traditional lifestyle! I believe in sourcing my food (as much as possible hahaha) from local farms and making things from scratch. I also love making my own face oils and self care products! I try to be very conscious of what I consume and what I have in my immediate environment. Forever not perfect at it but 9 times out of 10 I stick with it!
  2. I gave my life to Christ when I was 21 and have been on fire for Him since that day! I am obsessed with studying theology and digging deep into the word of God. 
  3. I am a sucker for Farmer's Markets, Antiquing, and Beach Towns! 
  4. I have two kitties named Felix & Hudson. If you follow me on socials, I'm sure you've met them a time or two. 
  5. I feel whole heartedly blessed every day because I get to serve beautiful people like you and photograph love stories like yours. 


Want artistic, timeless photographs to show off to all of your friends and family?

1000% YES

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