Follow Us On: Ontario Canada Wedding Photographer | Couples Photoshoot: Niagara Falls is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, but nestled within this picturesque region is a hidden gem that offers a different kind of enchantment—the Cozy Artist Workshop Airbnb. This creative haven recently played host to a memorable couples photoshoot featuring Emily and Nathan, […]


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Follow Us On: Spring Wedding at New Vintage Place Grand Rapids, Michigan: Tyler and Alayna’s wedding at New Vintage Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was a blend of elegance, creativity, and heartfelt celebration. The venue served as the perfect canvas for their unforgettable day. Alayna, the stunning bride, captivated everyone with her timeless beauty and […]

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Belle Isle Family Photos | The Huegli’s


Belle Isle Family Photos: The Huegli family is a close-knit, traditional household deeply rooted in their faith and family values. The family consists of Leaha, the mother; Andrew, the father; their son, Nicodemus; and an eagerly anticipated new member, Baby H, as Leaha is currently pregnant. Leaha is the cornerstone of the Huegli household. She […]

Maternity Photoshoot in Saint Joseph Michigan: Makeya and Tyler’s love story began over a decade ago when they were both in high school. What started as a close friendship blossomed into a deep and lasting love. They shared many firsts together, from prom nights to college graduations. Despite the challenges that come with growing up, […]

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Holland Michigan Photographers | Sol Luna Photography: Kate and Trevor’s story is one of deep connection and shared experiences. Both are naturally reserved individuals, tending to keep to themselves in social settings. However, when they are together, the world seems to fade away, and they feel entirely at ease. This comfort stems from their rich […]