Belle Isle Family Photos: The Huegli family is a close-knit, traditional household deeply rooted in their faith and family values. The family consists of Leaha, the mother; Andrew, the father; their son, Nicodemus; and an eagerly anticipated new member, Baby H, as Leaha is currently pregnant. Leaha is the cornerstone of the Huegli household. She […]


A family playing in flowers and in the grass on Belle Isle in Detroit Michigan
A man and a pregnant woman playing on a Lake Michigan Beach Together


Maternity Photoshoot in Saint Joseph Michigan: Makeya and Tyler’s love story began over a decade ago when they were both in high school. What started as a close friendship blossomed into a deep and lasting love. They shared many firsts together, from prom nights to college graduations. Despite the challenges that come with growing up, […]

Michigan Documentary Family Photographer | Finding Neverland


Michigan Documentary Family Photographer. Leaha, a mother with an imaginative spirit decided to embark on a magical journey with her son, Nicodemus. Their destination? Neverland – a realm of endless adventure and eternal youth. But instead of sailing through the skies with Peter Pan, they chose a more terrestrial route. They chose a family photoshoot […]

Documentary Family Photos in Michigan: The Dyer Family is a shining example of a household anchored in faith, love, and biblical principles. Certainly, Michaela and David Dyer are committed to their values and dedicated to instilling them in their four children. Michaela, a beacon of strength and grace, encourages the family with unwavering faith and […]