Top 20 Wedding Trends of 2024 ( Updated )

December 22, 2023


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The Top 20 Wedding Trends for 2024 are here! As we ring in the 2024 New Years, we are set to witness a delightful array of wedding trends. From revamped bridal fashions to experiential wedding venues, let’s highlight the top 20 wedding trends of the year. As couples seek to infuse their nuptials with a modern flair, these trends collectively reflect a departure from traditional norms. Nonetheless, every couple is embracing bold aesthetics and creative concepts that are bound to leave a lasting impression.

2024 marks a year where bridal parties take center stage with fashion-forward choices that break away from the conventional. Consequently, expect to see bridesmaids donning dresses with metallic accents, statement sleeves, reflecting a desire for individuality and contemporary style. Moreover, weddings are going to be an immersive experiences and filled with whimsy.

Couples are choosing unique venues that range from art galleries to large estate properties with elegant accents. Likewise, these trends signify a departure from conventional settings, providing couples with a memorable celebration that resonate with their distinct personalities. Presently, 2024 promises a dynamic and vibrant tapestry of celebrations that blend modernity with timeless charm.

Here are the Top 20 Weddings Trends of 2024

Starting off withhhhh….. Drum Roll Please!

20. Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras have made a nostalgic comeback as a charming and interactive wedding trend, offering couples a unique way to capture candid moments from their special day. These retro-inspired cameras are placed on tables or distributed to guests, encouraging them to snap candid photos throughout the celebration. With the rise of digital photography, disposable cameras add an element of surprise and spontaneity, capturing genuine moments that may otherwise be missed. Guests relish the opportunity to play photographer, documenting cherished memories from their perspective and creating a diverse collection of images that reflect the joy and love of the occasion. Once the cameras are collected, couples can develop the photos to relive the magic of their wedding day through the lens of their guests, creating a timeless keepsake filled with heartfelt moments and cherished memories. In 2024, disposable cameras have become a beloved wedding trend, adding a touch of vintage charm and interactivity to modern celebrations.

19. Wedding Newspapers

Image Source: Etsy

Wedding newspapers have emerged as a charming and innovative trend, providing couples with a unique way to commemorate their special day and share cherished memories with loved ones. These personalized newspapers feature captivating headlines, heartwarming stories, and stunning photographs capturing key moments from the wedding festivities. From engagement announcements to heartfelt messages from the couple and highlights of the day’s events, wedding newspapers serve as delightful keepsakes that guests can treasure long after the celebration has ended. With customizable layouts and designs, couples have the freedom to infuse their personality and style into every aspect of the newspaper, creating a truly one-of-a-kind memento. This trend reflects a desire among couples to embrace creativity and nostalgia, offering a modern twist on the traditional wedding guestbook or program. In 2024, wedding newspapers have become a beloved trend, adding a touch of whimsy and sentimentality to wedding celebrations while providing guests with a memorable keepsake to cherish for years to come.

18. Thematic Weddings

Image Source: Sol Luna Photography

thematic weddings have taken center stage as a captivating and immersive trend, allowing couples to infuse their celebrations with personal passions and creative flair. From whimsical fairy tale themes to vintage-inspired décors and cultural motifs, weddings have become elaborate productions that transport guests to enchanting worlds of the couple’s imagination. Whether inspired by favorite movies, literature, or shared hobbies, thematic weddings offer endless possibilities for customization and storytelling. Couples are incorporating thematic elements into every aspect of their wedding, from the invitations and attire to the venue décor and entertainment, creating a cohesive and unforgettable experience for themselves and their guests. This trend reflects a desire among couples to break away from tradition and embrace their unique identities, transforming their special day into a magical and immersive celebration that reflects their love story in a truly unforgettable way. In 2024, thematic weddings have become a cherished trend, inviting guests to embark on a journey of wonder and delight alongside the newlyweds.

17. Post Wedding Brunch

Photo Source: Sol Luna Photography

In 2024, the post-wedding brunch has emerged as a cherished and increasingly popular trend among couples seeking to extend the celebration beyond the main event. This relaxed and intimate gathering, typically held the morning after the wedding, provides newlyweds and their loved ones with a perfect opportunity to unwind, reminisce, and savor the joyous moments of the previous day. Hosted at charming venues ranging from cozy cafes to scenic outdoor settings, post-wedding brunches offer a laid-back atmosphere where guests can mingle, indulge in delicious fare, and share stories from the festivities. With a menu featuring delectable breakfast and brunch classics alongside mimosas and freshly brewed coffee, this trend epitomizes hospitality and warmth, allowing couples to extend their gratitude to friends and family for their love and support. In 2024, the post-wedding brunch has become a cherished tradition, providing a delightful conclusion to the wedding weekend and creating lasting memories for all who attend.

16. Non Alcoholic Beverages

In 2024, non-alcoholic beverages have emerged as a prominent and refreshing trend in wedding receptions, catering to a diverse range of preferences and lifestyles. Couples are embracing the idea of offering sophisticated and inventive alcohol-free options alongside traditional bar offerings. From artisanal mocktails crafted with fresh herbs and fruits to gourmet sodas and sparkling waters, there’s a plethora of non-alcoholic choices available to delight guests of all ages. This trend reflects a broader cultural shift towards health-conscious living and inclusivity, ensuring that all guests can enjoy delicious and satisfying beverages without feeling excluded. With an emphasis on creativity and quality, non-alcoholic drink stations have become a focal point of modern wedding receptions, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the celebration. Top 20 Wedding Trend of 2024 has a rise of non-alcoholic beverages signifies a commitment to providing guests with memorable experiences.

15. Guest Dress Code

Image Source: Sol Luna Photography

Top 20 wedding trends of 2024, wedding guest dress codes have undergone a transformation, embracing a more relaxed and inclusive approach to attire. Traditionally strict guidelines have given way to a spectrum of options, allowing guests to express their personal style while still honoring the occasion. Couples are increasingly opting for themed or color-coordinated dress codes, encouraging creativity and adding an element of fun to the festivities. Certainly, this Top 20 Wedding Trend of 2024 is such a fun way to include your guests in your wedding day. From casual chic to black-tie optional, guests are given the freedom to interpret the dress code in a way that reflects their individual preferences and comfort. n 2024, wedding guest attire trends emphasize versatility, allowing guests to feel confident and stylish while celebrating the love and joy of the couple’s special day.

14. Runway Style Ceremony Setup

Image Source: Carats & Cake

In 2024, the runway-style ceremony has emerged as a captivating and avant-garde trend in the world of weddings, transforming traditional ceremonies into unforgettable fashion spectacles. Secondly, couples are opting for grandiose venues with long, narrow aisles creating a dramatic setting for exchanging vows. This trend allows brides and grooms to channel their inner supermodels, strutting down the aisle in couture bridal attire with confidence and style. Elaborate lighting, sleek staging, and chic décor elements reminiscent of fashion week events further elevate the ambiance, turning the ceremony into a visually stunning experience. This Top 20 Wedding Trend of 2024 reflects a desire among couples to infuse their wedding day with the allure and sophistication of the fashion world.

13. Seated Bridal Party

Image Source: Sol Luna Photography Venue: Port 393 Holland Michigan

Seated bridal parties have emerged as a popular and intimate trend in wedding ceremonies. This top 20 wedding trend will be a show stopper! Couples are opting for a more relaxed and inclusive approach by having their bridal parties seated during the ceremony. This arrangement fosters a sense of closeness and camaraderie among the wedding party. Furthermore, this allows them to share in the emotional moments of the ceremony from a comfortable vantage point. With bridesmaids and groomsmen seated beside the couple, there’s a palpable sense of support and solidarity, creating a heartfelt atmosphere that resonates throughout the celebration. In 2024, this trend reflects a shift towards more inclusive and meaningful wedding traditions, emphasizing the importance of connection and unity among loved ones on the couple’s special day.

12. Big Bows on Wedding Dresses

Image Source: Justin Alexander

In 2024, big bows have emerged as a captivating and fashionable trend in wedding dress design, captivating brides with their bold and romantic flair. Consequently, these oversized bows serve as statement accents, adorning the backs, waists, or even cascading down trains of wedding gowns, adding a touch of drama and whimsy to the bridal ensemble. From voluminous satin bows to delicate organza ribbons, these embellishments elevate bridal attire with their luxurious texture and eye-catching detail. Evoking a sense of nostalgia while exuding modern sophistication, big bows offer brides the opportunity to make a memorable fashion statement on their special day. Whether elegantly tied at the back or cascading down the length of the gown, big bows have become a beloved Top 20 Wedding trend in 2024, infusing weddings with charm and timeless elegance.

11. Parasol Umbrella’s | Paper + Lace |

Image Source: Amazon

In 2024, parasols have emerged as a charming and enchanting trend in weddings, infusing ceremonies with an air of timeless elegance and romanticism. These delicate and decorative umbrellas have become a sought-after accessory, adorning outdoor venues with their graceful presence. Brides are opting for intricately designed parasols to complement their bridal attire, adding a touch of whimsy and sophistication to their ensemble. Whether adorned with intricate lace, delicate floral patterns, or shimmering embellishments, parasols serve not only as practical sunshades but also as exquisite props for capturing stunning wedding photographs. Embracing parasols as a Top 20 wedding trend of 2024 symbolizes a return to classic romance and adds a unique, picturesque element to celebrations, leaving guests mesmerized by their beauty and charm.

10. Ruffle Veils & Hand Beaded Embroidered Veils

Ruffled bridal veils add a touch of romance, featuring cascading layers that create a soft and ethereal effect. These veils beautifully frame the bride’s face, adding a whimsical and feminine touch to her overall look. I’ve created a Pinterest board with the most gorgeous wedding veils and you can find that here.

The ruffles can vary in size and density, allowing brides to choose the level of drama they desire. Whether opting for a subtle cascade or a voluminous waterfall of ruffles, this style adds texture and movement, enhancing the bridal ensemble.

Ruffled veils complement various wedding gown styles, from bohemian to classic, providing a versatile and captivating accessory. Indeed, the playful and romantic nature of ruffled bridal veils makes them a delightful choice for brides seeking a touch of whimsy on their special day. I’ve created a Pinterest board with ALL the wedding veil inspiration

Equally, embroidered veils boast intricate patterns, adding sophistication and unique flair to the bride’s ensemble on her special day. Ofrenda Studio has the most beautiful embroidered veils on the market. With that purpose, these veils often feature delicate florals or personalized motifs, elevating them to luxurious and bespoke accessories.

Many brides opt for custom embroidery, incorporating initials, wedding dates, or symbols with personal significance into their veil designs. These veils go beyond mere accessories. Certainly, they become cherished keepsakes, capturing the essence of the couple’s unique love story. From classic lace designs to contemporary patterns, designer embroidered veils cater to diverse tastes, enhancing the overall bridal aesthetic.

Ultimately, these veils symbolize the commitment to attention to detail and the pursuit of refined elegance on the wedding day.

9. Detachable Wedding Gown Sleeves

Elegant detachable sleeves add versatility to wedding gowns, allowing brides to transition seamlessly from ceremony to reception in style. Undeniably, detachable wedding gown sleeves are coming up as one of the hottest new trends.

Crafted with sophistication, wedding gown sleeves enhance the gown’s overall aesthetic, creating a dynamic bridal look. Delicate lace, intricate beading, or sheer fabrics contribute to the sleeves’ elegance, creating a sense of timeless romance. Therefore, brides appreciate the adaptability of detachable sleeves, allowing them to express their individuality and customize their wedding attire. My personal favorite detachable wedding gown sleeves can be found here at Maggie Sottero.

8. Ethereal & Elegant Wedding Altars

Candlelit altars exude romance, with flickering flames creating an intimate atmosphere for exchanging vows and declarations of love. I’ve created a Pinterest board FULL of trending wedding altar of 2024! I highly, highly suspect we will be seeing so many of these next year and at future weddings!

The combination of candles and florals forms a harmonious balance, enhancing the overall aesthetic and enchanting the ceremony space. In essence, minimalism is the feeling for 2024. Whether minimalistic or opulent, these altar design bring together the beauty of candles, floral elements, and glass vases seamlessly. Check out all of the wedding altar inspiration here. These wedding altars landed the top 20 wedding trends of 2024 for a reason, go check them out!

7. Colorful Wedding Decor!

The cat is out of the bag! Bride’s revealed that PINTEREST revealed that colorful wedding decor is IN! You can peep the article for yourself here. Furthermore, a huge number of brides are searching on Pinterest for groovy wedding decor daily. Ice sculptures was well known on the wedding scene in the 1970’s. Carved ice sculptures, added a touch of luxury and glamour to the overall decor.

On the other hand, velvet suits and wide-collared shirts might be coming back too! However, let’s not bet on that one. Outdoor ceremonies are gaining popularity again, with couples exchanging vows in nature. Consequently, couples are planning on surrounding themselves in nature, colorful bohemian tapestries, and victorian style rugs. Let’s keep looking at these 20 wedding trends of 2024! Certainly, colorful wedding decor will be the “in thing” of 2024.

6. Silk Satin, Floral Lace & Big Bows Wedding Gowns

Trending silk satin wedding gowns exude timeless elegance, draping brides in luxurious, smooth fabric that reflects a sophisticated aesthetic. The sheen of silk satin enhances the gown’s overall allure, creating a lustrous and glamorous effect. These gowns often feature sleek silhouettes, accentuating the bride’s figure with a minimalist yet impactful design.

The versatility of silk satin allows for a range of styles, from classic ball gowns to modern mermaid shapes. Likewise, Brides seeking a touch of opulence and a refined finish are drawn to the luxurious appeal of silk satin wedding gowns. Overall, this trend showcases a seamless fusion of traditional luxury and contemporary bridal fashion.

For 2024 weddings, 1990s-inspired gowns make a comeback, featuring clean lines, minimalism, and sleek silhouettes. Secondly, the trend merges nostalgia with modern details, incorporating updated fabrics like satin and silk. Strapless bodices adorned with contemporary lace appliqués offer a timeless yet refreshed look for brides.

Off-the-shoulder necklines and long sleeves continue to be popular, striking a balance between vintage charm and contemporary elegance. Consequently, the revival of A-line skirts and ball gown styles embraces a classic silhouette with a touch of modern sophistication. In 2024, 1990s-style wedding gowns bring a perfect fusion of nostalgia and chic bridal fashion. Secondly, I definitely loved adding these two wedding gowns into the top 20 wedding trends for 2024.

Lastly, I’ve created a Pinterest board with silk satin wedding gowns and 1990’s inspired wedding gowns of all different styled. You can find that board here

5. Sprouting Flower Cakes or Heart Shaped Cakes?

Sprouting flower cakes feature flowers that appear to bloom from the cake’s tiers, creating a whimsical and enchanting dessert display. Likewise, the fresh floral decorations, crafted on fondant or sugar paste, showcase intricate details and vibrant colors, mimicking a garden in full bloom. Certainly, these cakes often incorporate a variety of floral elements, from petals to lush leaves, adding a touch of beauty to the sweet confection.

The illusion of flowers sprouting from the cake creates a visual feast, turning the dessert table into a blooming garden. Perfect for weddings or spring celebrations, these garden cakes bring a sense of freshness and elegance to the overall aesthetic, delighting both the eyes and the taste buds. Making number 5 on the Top 20 Wedding Trends of 2024.

Additionally, you can find visual examples of Sprouting Flower Cakes here.

Now onto the heart shaped cake! Heart-shaped wedding cakes evoke romance with their nostalgic charm, featuring intricate lace detailing and delicate floral embellishments. Nevertheless, the timeless design adds whimsy to the celebration, capturing the essence of love in a sweet confection. These cakes often showcase a soft color palette, reminiscent of classic weddings, with pastel hues and ivory tones creating a vintage-inspired aesthetic.

Adorned with cascading sugar flowers or pearl accents, these heart-shaped cakes become edible works of art, symbolizing the couple’s love and commitment. Secondly, it’s perfect for a retro-themed wedding or a celebration infused with old-world charm, vintage heart-shaped wedding cakes add a sentimental and elegant touch to the dessert table.

4. Artistic Floral Installations

Floral art installations for weddings create breathtaking focal points, transforming venues with cascading blooms, vibrant colors, and lush greenery. These installations, whether suspended from ceilings or adorning walls, infuse the space with an enchanting and romantic atmosphere.

The use of diverse floral varieties, from roses to orchids, allows for a customized and visually stunning display. Hence, couples can opt for oversized floral hoops, hanging gardens, or floral backdrops that serve as picturesque settings for ceremonies or photo backdrops.

The versatility of floral art installations ensures they suit various wedding styles, from bohemian to classic, offering a seamless integration of nature’s beauty into the celebration. These installations become more than decorative elements; they are immersive experiences that captivate and delight guests, leaving a lasting impression of the wedding’s beauty and elegance.

I’ve created a Pinterest board ALL the Artistic Floral Installation Inspiration here

3. Bold Bouquet Colors

Trending bold wedding bouquets feature vibrant and contrasting colors, incorporating unconventional blooms like protea and tropical foliage for a striking impact. Nonetheless, these bouquets exude personality, often showcasing unique shapes and asymmetrical designs that break away from traditional round arrangements. Brides are opting for oversized bouquets with cascading elements, creating a dramatic and eye-catching accessory.

The use of bold and unexpected elements, such as succulents, berries, or feathers, adds texture and depth to the bouquet. This trend embraces a mix of vibrant hues, from rich jewel tones to lively pastels, creating a dynamic and memorable bouquet that complements the bride’s individual style and the overall wedding aesthetic. We love this Top 20 Wedding Trend of 2024. Bold wedding bouquets are a statement piece that elevates the bridal look and serves as a captivating focal point in wedding photos.

2. Mix & Match Floral Bridesmaids Dresses

Mix and match floral print bridesmaids dresses bring a playful and bohemian vibe, allowing each bridesmaid to express individual style. Similarly, the eclectic combination of various floral patterns adds visual interest and depth to the bridal party, creating a harmonious yet unique ensemble.

Brides can choose a color palette or a specific flower theme, ensuring cohesion while embracing diversity. However, this trend offers versatility, letting bridesmaids select dresses that suit their body shape and personal taste.

The result is a lively and eye-catching bridal party, with the floral prints adding a whimsical touch to the overall wedding aesthetic. Surely, mix and match floral print dresses bring a fresh and modern approach to bridesmaids’ attire, making the celebration more vibrant and memorable. You can find more bridesmaids inspiration here.

1. Weekend Weddings

A weekend wedding celebration extends the joy, allowing time for pre-wedding events, the ceremony, and post-wedding gatherings. Consequently, this format creates a relaxed and immersive experience for guests, fostering deeper connections and shared memories.

Couples can incorporate various activities, from welcome dinners to Sunday brunches, turning the wedding into a joyful and extended celebration. Furthermore, additional time permits more elaborate decor setups and personalized details. This will contribute to a unique atmosphere throughout the weekend.

Guests appreciate the chance to enjoy the festivities at a leisurely pace. This Top 20 Wedding Trend is definitely one for the books! Therefore, making a weekend celebration an ideal choice for creating lasting bonds and unforgettable moments. Additionally, a weekend wedding allows for a more laid-back experience, turning the celebration into a dream for everyone involved. Looking for Wedding Weekend Inspiration, check out this Rock My Wedding blog post.

That’s all for the Top 20 Wedding Trends of 2024!

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