Belle Isle Family Photos: The Huegli family is a close-knit, traditional household deeply rooted in their faith and family values. The family consists of Leaha, the mother; Andrew, the father; their son, Nicodemus; and an eagerly anticipated new member, Baby H, as Leaha is currently pregnant. Leaha is the cornerstone of the Huegli household. She […]


A family playing in flowers and in the grass on Belle Isle in Detroit Michigan


Holland Michigan Wedding Venue, Port 393, Marina and Andrew: Marina and Andrew’s wedding day at Port 393 in Holland, Michigan, was a celebration of love, laughter, and joy. Every detail reflected their easygoing nature and genuine affection for each other. Their love story was one of spontaneity and joy, much like the gentle sway of […]

Bloomfield Hills Michigan Engagement Photos | Leaha & Andrew


Follow Us On Bloomfield Hills Michigan Engagement Photos with Leaha & Andrew. In the picturesque landscapes of Michigan love stories bloom amidst the rustic charm and natural beauty. Certainly, Leaha and Andrew’s journey is a testament to the serendipitous encounters that often unfold through modern-day matchmaking. Their love story began on the digital realm of […]

Union + Social Events Venue – Saint Joseph Michigan Saint Joseph Michigan Wedding Photos are forever iconic in the eyes of brides all over the world. Ben and Mackenzie’s wedding day, held at the Union and Social Event Venue, was nothing short of magical. As they exchanged vows, it was evident that their journey had […]

10 Tips on Choosing Your Michigan Wedding Photographer. PLEASE NOTE: THESE TIPS APPLY TO ALL LOCATIONS! Google just lovesss when I talk about my location (haha) Read on to grab these amazing tips to help you find the PERFECT wedding photographer! 10 Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Photographer Finding the perfect wedding photographer […]