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Orthodox Christian Wedding | Albion Michigan | Kirby + Ryan

November 8, 2023


Kirby + Ryan

Orthodox Christian Wedding, Albion Michigan. It’s almost like the air in the atmosphere felt different. The birds are happy, the wind feels cool as it dances across your arm and fills your chest with love & peace. It’s days like this Spring, Michigan wedding day that fills my heart with so much love for what we create together. That is how Kirby and Ryan’s day felt as we head to the church and began the wedding ceremony. It was a day full of blessings and love because of the connection between Kirby and Ryan and their faith in Jesus! As we west michigan wedding photographer, this wedding surely was for the books! Kirby and Ryan’s Orthodox Christian wedding day begins at a cute, repurposed home in the countryside of Homer, Michigan. Kirby is wearing a beautiful gown from Renee Austin with an elegant veil from Blossom and Bluebird. This cozy cottage styled home played a sweet role in creating Kirby’s bridal portraits.

Orthodox Christian Church

The church was full of family and friends pouring into this little Orthodox Christian church in the heart of Albion, Michigan. The Church was adorn with beautiful paintings of Saints, Candles and old Victorian-Style Rugs. Above the main floor sat a few rows of pews and a beautiful view of the whole church.

This Orthodox Christian Wedding Ceremony located at Holy Ascension in Albion Michigan reminds us to embrace traditions. Kirby and Ryan chose Holy Ascension among the dozens of beautiful Michigan Orthodox Churches because of the artwork. The artwork inside of Holy Ascension truly caught Kirby’s heart. An Orthodox Christian Wedding Ceremony has so many beautiful rituals and they each symbolize something different. The timeless paintings and renaissance look of the church is what draws people into this church. It’s quaint on the outside and astonishing on the inside because of the timeless traditions that have been kept. Kirby picked Umbell Nursery for her floral arrangements and Jennie Kwon for her rings. They also decided on Grand River Brewery for catering and honestly it was a 10 out of 10 for me!

The moment I stepped into the church, it was almost as if I transcended time. It felt like I went back to a space of sacredness and connection to God. That was truly what Kirby and Ryan wanted; the essence of the day photographed because it’s what mattered to them the most. The sacredness of the covenant bond they were making between them and God.

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Holy Ascension Wedding Photos in Albion Michigan

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