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Jozi & Kai’s Backyard Wedding in Mattawan Michigan

November 9, 2023


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Jozi + Kai

Jozi and Kai’s Backyard Wedding in Mattawan began at a quaint little home outside of the Kalamazoo city limits in Mattawan, Michigan. Jozi’s family came in from across the ocean to be with her and Kai on their special day. Prior to heading to the home where the wedding would take place, Jozi had her hair done by Reflections Salon & Spa

The beautiful landscape and trees is what drew Jozi and Kai to this property. I immediately knew it was going to be an elegant day because of the beautiful property. Arriving to the house, we were immediately greeted by beautiful family and friends. Jozi had her mother and Kai’s mother to help with putting on the dress and putting the veil into place. Jozi found her wedding gown at Renee Austin in Grand Rapids, Michigan because she loves simple and elegant gowns. 

After Jozi put on her wedding gown and placed in her veil, we then moved outside for wedding party photos. Jozi & Kai loved the creative elements of my photograhps and wanted their love story to be told through photographs. Jozi & Kai’s Backyard wedding is definitely one for the dreamers because of the elegance in the photographs. I absolutely loved the catering done by Latitude 42 in Portage, Michigan and I will always recommend them to future couples.

Editorial Styled Bridal Portraits

We ended the day with a bridal portrait session of Jozi along with the beautiful peony’s she got through her mother. The peony’s added a beautiful accent color to the photos and a symbol of her mother for her to treasure. I added a little extra flair and had the bridesmaids toss the peony’s at the end. This prompt added a personal touch because of the story the peonies tell. The day was one for the books and I will always remember Jozi and Kai’s backyard wedding.

Leaving you with photographs that speak to the poetry of your soul

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